Where we would all be without smartphones to help us through life?! These marvels of modern technology are like small super-computers in our pockets and make our lives so much easier. From being handy for that quick photo, to enabling us to call, text, email or surf the web, modern mobile phones offer so much to users.

One activity which has been popular on smartphones for a few years now is mobile gaming. The size of the mobile gaming market in 2021 was thought to be just over $90bn and it is set to expand further. Mixing top-quality games with powerful phones and the convenience of gaming on the move, this sector has a lot going for it.

As well as standard video games, playing casino games via a mobile device is a big part of the overall picture. This has been helped by the large choice of safe internet mobile casinos to game at, which have made mobile casino play a lot more accessible. Players in New Jersey, for example, can game at Resorts Casino which is simple to find online and is widely seen asthe best NJ online casino to sign-up with.

Whatever type of game you enjoy playing on your phone, it seems there are certain times when most people like to do this during the day or night. But when might this be?

When do people like to game on their smartphones in the day?

While mornings may be quieter due to people being at work, in school/college or dealing with housework, mobile gaming activity tends to rise as lunchtime approaches. From noon onwards, people seem to play a lot more mobile games and this is likely to be down to having a chance to while away some time on lunch breaks. As people have different lunchtimes spread over the afternoon, gaming steadily increases over this period.

When do people like to game on their smartphone in the evening?

But what happens when the evening comes around? The real peak hours for mobile gaming in this period seem to be between 6pm and 10pm. The early part of this range is no doubt due to people choosing to game on their commute home from work, or to pass the time or relax with games when they get in after a busy day. Later in the evening, people might have completed all their jobs for the day and have got the children into bed – thus leaving them free to game on their mobile until they call it a night.

Mobile gaming sees certain trends around hours

From Tiktok likes to video calls, our smartphones come in handy for so many things. Gaming is definitely one and there does seem to be certain times in the day/evening when gaming via smartphones is most popular. When you begin to look at these times and dig deeper into them, it is not actually a surprise to see this is true.