All of them feature the iconic Clairo logo and graphics that are sure to add some serious style to your wardrobe. The t-shirts come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can pick out the perfect look for you. The hoodies and hats use the same classic designs and they will keep you looking fresh while showing your support for Clairo. Not only that, Clairo has an extensive line of music-inspired products. From headphones and speakers to bandanas, stickers, and more, you can find something to add to your collection. Whether you’re looking for items to add to your own wardrobe or gifts for friends and family, you’ll be sure to find something special among the range of products.

For the music fans out there, there is also a selection of vinyl records for you to listen to. Show off your love for Clairo and indie rock by adding these essential pieces of music to your collection. No matter your style or preferences, you will find something to help you unleash your passion for indie rock with Clairo’s official merchandise. Find the perfect item to help you show off your devotion to Clairo and the indie rock genre. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you care about, you will find something special with Clairo’s official merchandise.”
“Clairo, the indie singer-songwriter from Massachusetts, has just released her merchandise collection and it is rapidly taking the scene by storm.

With every sale of a piece of Clairo merchandise, fans can proudly display their admiration and support for the artist. The merchandise collection is a collaboration between independent retailer and fashion house Nasty Gal. The carefully curated collection of items include graphic T-shirts and apparel, accessories, wall art and clairo Official Shop mugs. Each piece of merchandise celebrates Clairo’s unique sound with bold and modern graphics. The collection’s simple yet captivating designs make it the perfect addition to any fan’s wardrobe. The collection’s T-shirts are available in a range of sizes and colours, enabling fans to find the perfect piece to express their adoration for the artist. The T-shirts boast a modern fit and feature a range of eye-catching prints.