Resolved, That those who can’t join the military could remain here, with the permission to unite with the Council of Texas, 2 . These delegates who had assembled at Washington about the center of October once more assembled there on the primary of November; those who had met at San Felipe again assembled at San Felipe; the de- cision of place lay with the delegates in the army. 2 Those that have been dissatisfied with the location of the seat of government at San Felipe early made preparations to pick another place. R. R. Roy all, in a letter to J. W. Fannin, dated November 15, 1835, writes from San Felipe that, “Where the council will hold its periods is yet undetermined. I consider it is going to be in Washington or Matagorda, probably on the latter.” 3 And Governor Henry Smith took occasion to name the attention of the council to this topic in his first official communication to that physique as follows: It may also develop into your obligation to pick out someplace because of the seat of government, at which to hold your common sittings during the continuance of the current form of government.

Randolph, of Henry county, Tennes- see. Dedicated to the jail of Trigg county, Ky., on the 18th ultimo, as a runaway, a certain negro man, (slave, )callinghimselfGEORQE; copper coloration, about thirty-five years old; about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches excessive; weighs about one hundred and fifty pounds. 2 The general council accordingly assembled at Washington on February 22, however, failed QEN escort directory to obtain a quorum; the opposite officers of the provisional government, with perhaps one or two exceptions, had additionally removed by March 1, 1836. The convention assembled in Washington and was organized on March 1, 1836. For varied causes, the convention thought of it reasonable to terminate the provisional authorities directly. Adopted with one. Dissenting voice 2 This gratuitous assumption on the general council, nevertheless, appears to have been solely ignored by all.

1 On October nineteenth the general council thus strengthened took the following motion: On Movement of Mr. Perry for the determined place of the meeting of the Genl Session on the first of November 1835 of all Texas as follows Resolved by the Genl Council of Texas that the Genl Consultation be held at Washington on the first of Nov, 1835 first professional- posed by the Committee of Columbia. Journals of the Session, 5. 146 Texas Historical Affiliation Quarterly. The primary congress assembled Monday, October 3, 1836. Quickly it became manifest that the committee of arrangements referred to above had both failed to obtain enough variety of homes, or else they had not contemplated the rise of workplaces accompanying the group of the constitutional authorities.