Madden NFL 21 Rookie Premiere Program brings 10 new item cards and a variety of activities that allow participants to grab prizes.

The Rookie Premiere Program has begun in Madden NFL 21. This is a MUT 21 event that features new cards, sets, and challenges. Ten new items can be acquired during the program. The Madden NFL 21 Rookie Premiere Program allows players to obtain 99 OVR items.

MUT 21 Rookie Premiere Program Sets and Challenges

We have eight types of Madden NFL 21 Rookie Premiere Program sets. The 75-89 OVR set gives three collectible cards from the program. You can complete this set two times. You will need 28 items with OVRs ranging from 75 to 89. The 85-89 OVR set gives one collectible item. You can complete it two times. It requires eight items. Several similar sets are also available. They all give MUT 21 Rookie Premiere Program cards and you can repeat them two or four times. The Player Exchange set can be completed as many times as you like. This set allows you to obtain one collectible item in exchange for one 93 OVR player item from the program. The final set has the best rewards. You need 10 collectibles to get a 99 OVR Master item. The other reward is a collectible item that can be used when Madden NFL 22 comes out. Players that are planning to hop into MUT 22 on release day should take advantage of this opportunity to secure some cards in advance. Let’s take a look at the Madden NFL 21 Rookie Premiere Program challenges as well. These challenges allow you to get 93 OVR player items that you can use to get the collectibles from the set. There are 50 challenges. The rewards include 250 stars and 25,000 coins. Three milestones give additional prizes in the form of Fantasy Packs with 93 OVR players from the program. The milestones are at 60, 160, and 250 stars. Don’t forget to check out the endorsement list for tasks that give program collectibles. The list includes tasks such as completing sets, winning games, and acquiring stars. You might also want to take a look at the store for the special MUT 21 Rookie Premiere Program deals. The starter pack has a limit purchase of one and comes with five collectible items. You can buy it for 1,050 points. The veteran pack costs 2,200 points and has 10 players from the program with 90 OVR. For 25,000 training, you can buy a pack with 91+ OVR NFL Draft items.

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